Thursday, July 06, 2006

The March...To Nothing

It took me a while, but I did it. I tracked down that little rat Bolivar Trask and acquired his newly developed mutant hunting sentinel technology. I already had a substantial amount of previously created specimens from Mr. Trask that I had liberated once before, but it's always nice to update what you have.

I wasted no time in creating my army and began mass production. Once things were rolling I went to my office in my undisclosed headquarters to try and think up any other scum bags that would join my spiteful cause. The Hellfire Club? No, Sebastian would not go against Magneto. The Morlocks? Ew, no.

Perfect! And he might even bring an army of his own too! With even more upgrades! I clapped my hands in utter delight and went to find my phone book.

"Fabulous." Bastion and I were to rendezvous on the eastern coast of Genosha at 12:00 midnight and begin our plight against the Brotherhood.

I stood before my dormant mass of Sentinels.

"Sentinels! Hark! and assemble!"


"We now begin our march to Genosha to vanquish and conquer! Ere now is the doom of Genosha and the destruction of the Brotherhood! Come! And we begin our trek--to WAR!"

"Scanners online. Flight activated."

The flight was not long and soon I had met up with Bastion and his host of Sentinels.

"To war!"

"To war!" he echoed.

We hiked through the tangle of jungle and brush burning and chopping all in sight. We eradicated any mutants we found and burned their corpses. The whole island was soon ablaze and we were soon at the gates of the House of Genosha.

"Come forth Magneto, and face your destruction!"


"Ignorance! You cannot avoid you defeat! Face me now!"

Some imbisile stuck his moron head out of a nearby window.

"Dude, Magneto's not here."

Silence, again.

"What now? Our plan is ruined!" Bastion spat.

"Our first one was. I have one even better."


Blogger Magneto said...

*puts down spoonful of gumbo*

What?! Genosha in danger?!

Oh, they left? Okay then.

*picks up spoon and slurps gumbo*

3:24 PM  
Blogger Cassandra Nova said...

No you idiot! We took over Genosha and are waiting for you to return!



I ruined it!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Doesn't that suck that you go through all this trouble and then some rube yells at you that you're quarry isn't even there?

8:21 AM  
Blogger Cassandra Nova said...

Yes, yes it does Jon.

4:04 PM  
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